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Prepared just like a steak with Montreal Seasoning and a flavorful herb compound butter. This entree is served with the 2 sides below. (Refrigerated - bakes in approx 18-22 minutes)

Family Size: Six - 5 ounce chicken breasts and a full serving of both sides below.

Half Size: Three - 5 ounce chicken breasts and a half serving of both sides below.


Side 1: Mom's Potluck Potatoes - Roasted potatoes with beefy french onion seasoning baked until tender - lots of flavor here!


Side 2: Korean Corn w/ Broccoli and Cauliflower-   Sweet corn baked in a lightly sweetened sauce with a touch of mozzarella - no weird ingredients - just a decadant way to enjoy corn - this week we added a few broccoli and caulfilower so you can be sure to get all your veggies!


Chicken Breasts Steak Style

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