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TUESDSAY Nov. 23rd Pickup

Everything you need to roll your own burritos!  You choose chicken or beef.  This burrito bake has all your ingredients layered in one easy to serve pan - pinto beans and corn on the bottom (so it's easy to avoid if the kids aren't "in to" beans), Mexican red rice, seasoned meat (ground beef or diced chicken breast), cheddar jack cheese, and half is topped with tomatoes and green chiles!  Each Burrito bake is served with a pack of 8" flour tortillas (12 ) and individual packets of sour cream (6 )- so bring your favorite hot sauce to the table and let's roll!

One Size 9"x13" pan serves 6 and bakes in 75-90 minutes

TUESDSAY Nov. 23rd Pickup - DIY Beef or Chicken Burrito Bake