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Dry Rub BBQ Baked Chicken: Lean oven baked chicken breasts baked with a sweet and smoky dry bbq seasoning and served with a side of my homemade sticky honey chipotle drizzle.  (Refrigerated - bakes in approx 18-22 minutes)

Family Size (serves 4-6): Six 5 ounce breasts and full serving of both sides;

Half Size (serves 2-3): Three 5 ounce breasts and a half portion of both sides.


Side 1: 4-H Potatoes - Every summer for the 4-H bbq fundraiser I couldn't get enough of these tender red boiled potatoes topped melted butter - I finish with dry ranch seasoning for even more flavor! - Choose Roasted Ranch Broccoli for a low carb side!


Side 2: Korean Corn - Don't let the name throw you - this creamy baked corn is lightly sweetened then topped with melty cheese - nothin' not to like here!

Dry Rub BBQ Chicken Breast Dinner