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Pick up a few and be ready for the busy weekends ahead - all casseroles bake hands free from frozen in 60-90 minutes!


1. Pot Roast Casserole - Savory Beef and roasted carrots and celery tossed in cheesy au gratin potatoes - cozy up in this cool weather with this comfort casserole.


2. Cheesy Chicken Orzo Casserole - Don't pass this one up - chicken pot pie meets chicken broccoli and rice!  Orzo pasta (large rice shaped pasta) in a creamy cheese sauce with broccoli, veggies and pulled all white meat chicken.


3. Fiesta Beef Casserole - All the Mexican you need in one easy to bake casserole - red rice, taco seasoned ground beef, corn, beans, a touch of spinach and cheese of course - get out a bag of tortilla chips and this dinner is sure to disappear.


4. Lasagna - A few left - Homemade lasagna - need we say more!


5.  Shepard's Pie - ground beef and veggies in rosemary gravy with lightened up smashed red potatoes on top - nothing not to like here!


6. Mac n Cheese w/ Chili Spiked Beef - Homemade mac n cheese tossed with just enough veggies to call it dinner and savory chili seasoned ground beef.  Served with Jalapeno Sour Cream.


7. Mexican Lasagna - Layers of tortillas, creamy enchilada sauce, seasoned chicken, beans on the bottom so those who must can stear clear - and topped with cheese, diced tomatoes and green chiles - served with tortilla chips to crunchify just before serving!


8. Ciabatta Bites - Chewy Ciabatta bread pieces tossed with fresh garlic, olive oil, parmesan cheese and herbs - an afterschool snack or addition to any meal.


9. Garlic French Bread Baguette - a loaf of French Bread smeared with a fresh garlic herb butter spread - because thats all kids really want for dinner!



Freezer Casseroles

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