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Forget about tiny chicken wings and enjoy these oven roasted and dry rubbed chicken drumsticks, served with a garlic parmesan sauce so you can toss just like wings or keep a few plain for those picky ones!!


Heat hands free in the oven, or heat up the grill and add even more flavor to these ready fully cooked - ready to heat chicken drumsticks!

 (Refrigerated: Bakes in approx 25 minutes or grills in 15-20 minutes)

Family Size (serves 4-6)-  3 pounds of drumsticks and family serving of both sides below.

Half Size (serves 2-3)-  1.5 pounds of drumsticks and half serving of both sides below.


Fresh Veggie Dippers - the fresh side we all crave when enjoying zesty wings....and in this case easy to eat drumsticks! Carrot Chips and Celery sticks with Smoky Buttermilk Ranch Dressing!


Four Cheese Mac n Cheese - this ready to bake mac n cheese bakes up southern style with egg, mayo and 4 cheeses!


Garlic Parmesan Chicken Drumstick Dinner

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