Italian marinated chicken breasts - tender, juicy and never dry - a family pleaser for sure! (Refrigerated - bake approx 18-22 minutes)

Family Size (serves 4-6): Six 5 ounce breasts and full serving of both sides;

Half Size (serves 2-3): Three 5 ounce breasts and a half portion of both sides.


Side 1: Everything Bagel Aspargus - fresh garlic, olive oil and everything bagel seasoning - tendercrisp and healthy!


Side 2: Italian Mashed Potatoes - a classic side with a twist - aged provolone and salami top this casserole along with seasoned bread crumbs - (just scoop under the topping for plain mashed potatoes for your plain gang!)

Italian Chicken Breast Dinner with Sundried Tomatoes