Classic Meatloaf done Italian Style - All the goodness of savory, smoky meatloaf with garlic and Italian herbs - finished with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. Family Size: 6 slices meatloaf and full portion of both sides, Half Size: 3 slices meatloaf and a half portion of both sides. (Refrigerated - bakes in approx 18-22 minutes).


Side 1 - Caesar Salad - crunchy greens, shaved parmesan, red onion, black pepper and a creamy caesar dressing and plenty of whole grain croutons.


Side 2 - Roasted fingerling potatoes and Balsamic Vegetables - Fun to eat fingerling potatoes on one side of the pan and fresh roasted seasonal balsamic vegetables on the other! (Baby potatoes may replace fingerlings based on product availability)

Italian Meatloaf Dinner