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Jumbo Beef and Ricotta Stuffed Ravioli served with jumbo zucchini and carrot coins, savory olive oil and garlic tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. Family Size: serves 4-6 w/ 20 jumbo ravioli and a full portion of both sides below; Half Size: serves 2-3 w/ 10 ravioli and half portion of both sides below. (Refrigerated: bakes in approx. 30 minutes).


Side 1: House Salad - fresh greens, red onion, tomatoes, cucumber, carrot and cheddar cheese served with my homemade Creamy Balsamic Dressing.


Side 2: Rosemary Foccacia - homemade focaccia with real garlic and fresh rosemary, made from scratch using only flour, water, yeast, oil, salt and sugar..........and garlic and rosemary :)



Jumbo Beef Ravioli Pasta Toss