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Quarter pounder burgers, hand pattied, then seasoned with my smoky burger seasonings topped with American Cheese served with bbq ranch and crunchify with seasoned tortilla chips. Served with 6 buns made with a blend of white and wheat flours. Served over a bed of sauteed onions.(This meal is refrigerated: heats in oven in approximately 20 minutes)

Family Size: 6 Hamburgers/buns and large sides that serves 4-6, Half Size: 3 Hamburgers/buns and small sides that serve 2-3.


Side 1: Potato Skins - Half traditional (cheese and bacon) and half broccoli cheddar.


Side 2: Rootbeer baked beans - 3 beans, rootbeer and a hint of smoke

Oven Cheeseburgers