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An updated version of your favorite grilled cheese.....Full disclosure - the Turano italian Bread I previously used has been changed :( assured I have found the next best thing! Pepperoni and Italian cheeses stuffed between hearty white bread. Served with both sides below. These sandwiches are freezer friendly. Family Size: 4 Sandwiches - serves 4-6 with a full serving of both sides, Half Size: 2 Sandwiches -serves 2-3 with a half serving of both sides. (Refrigerated: bakes in approximately 15 minutes). 


Side 1 - Homemade Tomato Soup - "Someone" told me once the only tomato soup they've ever had was a can of Campbell's.....gasp! If you've never had fresh tomato soup you're in for a treat!  (Family Size: 1 quart/ Half size: 16 ounces - heats on stovetop or microwave.)


Side 2 - Black Pepper Rotini Caesar Salad w/ Chicken- crunchy romaine, shaved parmesan, black pepper and parmesan dressing, cherry tomatoes, red onion and whole grain rotini pasta and oven roasted chicken breast - this salad could be a meal in itself!





Pepperoni Grilled Cheese, Soup and Salad