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Tender shaved beef seasoned just right topped with white American cheese.  Green peppers, onions and mushrooms heat alongside the meat for those who prefer a veggie free sandwich, served with 10" Hoagie Rolls and both sides below. (Refrigerated - bakes in approx 18-22 minutes)

Family Size (serves 4-6) - 13x9 sized entree + 4 - hoagie buns + full serving of both sides below.

Half Size (serves 2-3)- 9" circle sized entree + 2 - hoagie buns + half serving of both sides below.


Side 1 - Italian Pasta Salad - Spaghetti Pasta tossed with cheese, veggies, pepperoni in a zesty dressing - I bet you can't wait until dinner to dig into this one!

Side 2 - Veggie Dippers and Everything Bagel Dip- Fresh Carrot chips, broccoli and celery served with a creamy "everything" bagel dip.


Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches