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Taco Night Fun! Mini flour tortillas, shredded greens, pickled red onion and white mexican cheese. You choose ground beef or lean ground turkey. This meal is served comes in one size - Family sized.

Family Size: serves 4-6: served with 12 street taco sized tortillas  and a full portion of both sides below. (Refrigerated: Bakes in 20 minutes.) 


Side 1: Chips and Cheese - nothing my kids happier than chips and queso for dinner - white cheese dip and tortilla chips!


Side 2: Mexican Pinto Beans w/ Jalapenos - super flavorful pinto beans topped with cheese and jalapenos - like it spicy - stir in the jalapenos before heating - don't like it hot - simply remove the jalapenos!  - OR- Mexican Red Rice - long grain rice simmered with flavorful salsa, garlic and cumin.

Street Taco Dinner