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Taco Night Fun! Mini flour tortillas, shredded greens, pickled red onion and white mexican cheese. You choose ground beef or lean ground turkey. Family Size: serves 4-6 w/ 12 tortillas and a full portion of both sides below; Half Size: serves 2-3 w/ 6 tortillas and a half portion of both sides below. (Refrigerated: Bakes in 20 minutes.) 


Side 1: Potato Dippers - taco seasoned potato wedges, 1/3 sweet potato, 2/3 traditional - served with healthy chipotle ranch seasoned lowfat yogurt dip - try as a taco drizzle too!


Side 2: Mexican Elotes Corn Casserole - Mexican Street Corn (Elotes) meets corn pudding in this sweet corn casserole with a pinch of ancho powder and a splash of lime.




Street Taco Dinner