Taco Night Fun or an easy lunch! Whether you call it "tacos in a bag" like we do in the midwest, or a "walking taco" - one thing is the same - this is a meal everyone will look forward to! (Refrigerated: Bakes in 20 minutes.) (Seasoned ground beef, doritos, lettuce, cheese, homemade salsa, sour cream)

Family Size: serves 4-6: served with 6 bags of doritos  and a full portion of both sides below.

Half Size: serves 2-3: served with 3 bags of doritos and a half portion of both sides below.


Side 1: Taco Potatoes: Lightly seasoned diced potatoes roasted fork tender - a delightful change from all that rice!


Side 2: Mexican Black Beans: Thick and smoky side dish that can be enjoyed alone or tossed in with the taco - topped with fresh onion and cilantro that really makes a difference!

Walking Taco Dinner