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  • How many servings does a meal provide?
    Each meal is meant to feed a family of 4-6. Just depends on how much your kids or family members eat. But there is enough for 6 servings or leftovers! Read the dinner descriptions because we now offer smaller portions for 2-3 servings.
  • Are the meals fresh or frozen?
    Most meals are made fresh and refrigerated. Instructions are provided on how to store and the expiration date. There are at times frozen entrees provided and will be clearly stated on the online store. We also provide a frozen casserole weekly for those unexpected times throughout the week that you may want a nice family dinner in one simple dish!
  • Do I pick up the meals today?
    No, the meals can be ordered throughout the week and are picked up on Monday from 1-7pm at our pickup location, 670 Lake Joy Rd Suite 200 Kathleen GA, next to Shane Rib's Shack on Lake Joy!
  • Is there a small portion available?
    Yes we do! We have Family Sized meals for 4-6 people, smaller serving size for 2-3 people and offer dinner, lunch and breakfast single serve options.
  • Can I pick up anytime on Monday?
    Once the orders have been fulfilled, an email will be sent when you can pick up your order. We sometimes are ready before 1pm and will send an email that your order is ready for pickup on the day of the ordering. Pickup is Monday 1-7pm.
  • Do we offer promo/discounts
    Occasionally we hand out discounts for a future order during the time of the pickup. You can also sign up on our website for our email discounts.
  • How long does the food stay fresh?
    Each meal is clearly labeled with expiration dates. As with any perishable food such as salads, they are always best consumed closer to pickup day then wating until the end of the week :)
  • How can I learn more about the products and how its made?
    Each week we post on facebook ( about the food and preparation so everyone can see how made from scratch items are created!
  • Do the meals come with sides or do I have to purchase separately?
    Each meals comes with the listed sides, typically Side 1 and Side 2. Occasionally, there will be an extra side, but will be clearly labeled for an additional dollar amount.
mydinnertonite logo black with website.p
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