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- Our Story -

My Dinner Tonite is a local business located right here in Warner Robins, GA. It was created to help busy families spend less time rushing, stressing, and waiting in drive-thru lines, giving them more time to do all the stuff they'd rather be doing with their families.  As a professionally trained chef, stay-at-home mom of 5 busy kids, and someone who enjoys cooking, I was surprised to find it increasingly difficult to prepare a healthy dinner while juggling my kids' after school activities and sports schedules.  I thought to myself, "If a stay at home mom who is a trained chef is having this problem, what do people with two working parents or people who don't like to cook do?!"  I started preparing a week's worth of my family's meals ahead of time and My Dinner Tonite was born.  Now when we get home from a ballgame or another activity, our prepared meal finishes in the oven, while we relax as a family and finish our day!

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