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Just think of all those ingredients you don't have to get at the grocery still by grabbing these party ready sides!


Don't sweat it this 4th of July - grab these fully prepped sides and sit back and relax! All sides are ready to heat or toss and come with easy to follow instructions. Served in a 9x13 pan and serve 8+.


Dr. Pepper Baked Beans with Cocktail Franks - navy and kidney beans in a sweet Dr. Pepper reduction with slow cooked peppers and onions - all you do is heat for as long as you please!


4 Cheese Southern Mac - Mac n cheese done southern style with mayo, egg and 4 cheese!


Bacon Ranch Potato Salad - You might think you don't like potato salad until you've had Bacon Ranch Potato Salad - tons of flavor with classic potato salad ingredients like fresh chopped celery, red onion, boiled egg and bacon and ranch!


BBQ Sunflower Seed Coleslaw - a zesty twist on a boring side - smoky dry bbq rub spiked coleslaw dressing with fresh cabbage, carrots and crunchy sunflower seeds with a touch of kale and red bell pepper for color! 


Garden Pesto Tortellini Salad - Grab this no heat dish and head out the door!  Over a pound of tortellini loaded with fresh summer veggies - tomato, broccoli, red onion, cucumber, bell pepper, a few zesty pepperoncini peppers and basil pesto! (Best within 3 days of pickup.)

A la Carte 4th of July Sides

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