The entree and potato casserole are both freezer friendly - Great for stashing away for a rainy day!


Aunt Marcy's famous BBQ meatball Dinner:  these homemade meatballs are served slider style - with 12 Hawaiian rolls and carmelized onion and cheddar aioli so you can build away! This dinner is served with both sides below. (Refrigerated: Bakes in approx. 25 minutes) (Fully-cooked and freezer friendly-or microwave a few at a time for a quick lunch!) Available in one size - Family Size.

Family Size: 12 Meatballs and 12 rolls: Serves 4-6 with a full serving of both sides below.


Side 1 - Cheesy Hashbrown Casserole -  classic and delicious without having to leave home or wait to be seated :)


Side 2 -Fresh Veggies w/ Bacon Ranch Dip - Fresh cut carrot 'chips', broccoli florets, and celery served with Ranch Hummus - a kid friendly way to try a healthy side!


BBQ Meatball Slider Dinner