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Fun bowtie pasta in my homemade tomato bolognese sauce. (Bolognese=rich tomato sauce simmered with carrot/onion/celery, milk and red wine) topped with a handful of mozzarella.  Served with both sides below. Family size: serves 4-6. Half size: serves 2-3. (Refrigerated: bakes in approx. 45 minutes.) (Freezer-friendly) 


Side 1: Italian Side Salad - Fresh greens, green peppers, tomato, onion, pepperoni, and pepperoncini peppers and Italian Dressing.


Side 2: Mini Baguettes - 5" baguette (2 for family/1 for half)  Served with balsamic and olive oil dip.

Bowtie Bolognese Dinner

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