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Pizza and 'breakfast for dinner' are the only two things my kids cheer for when asking "What's for Dinner?" So here it is.....


Hands-free french toast - 8 thick slices of texas toast layered with a sweet cinnamon custard sauce served with strawberry maple syrup. Served with both sides below. (Bakes from frozen in 45 minutes) Tip: This entire meal is freezer friendly and can be stashed away for a rainy day!

ONE SIZE: Serves 4-6


Side 1 - Chicken Sausage  - over a pound of zesty chicken sausage patties from Mulberry Farms  (Family-owned in Gainesville, Ga) (Freezer-Friendly)


Side 2 - Zesty Hashbrowns - a pan of lightly seasoned hashbrowns tossed with a touch of cheese that bake hands-free. (contains egg- Freezer-Friendly)

Breakfast for Dinner

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