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Slow roasted pulled pork tossed with homemade coca-cola bbq sauce.  Served with slider rolls and a mini side of tangy dill coleslaw for topping your sandwich! Served with both sides below. Bakes from refrigerated in approx. 25 minutes.

Family Size serves 4-6: 12 Sliders and a full serving of both sides below.

Half Size serves 2-3: 6 Sliders and a half serving of both sides below.


Side 1 - Hidden Veggie Mac n Cheese - twirly rotini pasta (1/3 whole grain) with cheddar, american and jack cheese and butternut squash pureed into the sauce so no one will suspect there's a veggie inside!


Side2 - Seven Layer Salad - A southern favorite - peas, celery, onion, egg, lettuce, cheese, and bacon = 7 layers of goodness!

Coca Cola Pulled Pork Slider Dinner

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