Creamy Salsa Baked Chicken: Lean Chicken breast covered in a creamy Mexican spiced sauce with taco seasoning, salsa and sour cream.  (Refrigerated - bake approx 18-22 minutes)

Family Size (serves 4-6): Six 5 ounce breasts and full serving of both sides;

Half Size (serves 2-3): Three 5 ounce breasts and a half portion of both sides.


Side 1: Mexican Rice Pilaf - The perfect side to serve under salsa chicken: White rice speckled with diced zucchini and corn. (Tired of Rice?  Sub Mexican Hash - diced potatoes, corn, peppers and onion w/ smoked paprika and fresh garlic.)


Side 2: Salsa black beans - a healthy side full of flavor - fiber-filled black beans with naturally fat free salsa!

Tuesday April 19th Pickup - Creamy Salsa Chicken Dinner