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Slow roasted pulled beef with roasted mushrooms, onions and pepperoncini peppers on the side - served with a smoked rosemary au jus and crusty French rolls.  Family Size serves 4-6: 8 Rolls and a full serving of both sides below, Half Size serves 2-3: 4 Rolls and a half serving of both sides below. (Refrigerated - bakes in approx 25 minutes.) **This dinner can be easily divided into multiple lunch portions!


Side 1:Italian Spaghetti Salad - this pasta salad could be a meal in itself with pepperoni, cheese, broccoli, onion, and tomato tossed in a Italian dressing.


Side 2: Carrot Chips and Light Ranch Bacon Dip - A healthy alternative to potato chips - fresh carrots cut into "chips" served with Light Ranch Bacon Dip.

French Dip Dinner

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