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Don't wait for Easter to enjoy pineapple glazed ham! (This was my mom's #1 Sunday lunch that baked low and slow while we were at church - granted I grew up on pig farm in Illinois and ham was plentiful!) 


Smoked Ham steak basted in a pineapple-brown sugar glaze with a touch of honey dijon mustard and plenty of pan juices that make ham delicious! Served with both sides below. (Refrigerated: Bakes in approximately 20 minutes.) 


Family Size: serves 4-6 with over a pound of ham plus a family serving of both sides below;

Half Size: serves 2-3 with over a half pound of ham plus a half serving of both sides below.


Side 1: Cheesy Potato Casserole - diced potatoes casserole style - topped with cornflakes!


Side 2: Southern Green Beans - a customer favorite - cut green beans slow cooked until tender with season salt, bacon, garlic and chicken broth!


Smoked Ham Steak Dinner

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