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Waypoint Coffee Roasters is right here in Warner Robins, made by one of our very own Air Force Veteran! 


When planning your journey, you need to understand your environment and your route of flight. When we roast your coffee, we're building a profile accounting for all of the factors important to bringing you the flavor you need to start your day. Our mission is to bring you the cup of coffee that is right for you - preflight your day with Waypoint Coffee!


Now offering 3 blends in whole bean and ground!

TAILWINDS - light roast blend with bright notes of raspberry and honey - Arabica beans from Brazil and Papua New Guinean.

BLUE SKIES - medium roast blend with smooth notes of toasted almond and cinnamon - Arabica beans from Brazil and Guatemala

SINGLE ORIGIN PERU - medium roast blend with unique notes of toasted pie crust, clove and raisin - 100% Arabica beans from Anaccafe Co-op Peru


Local Warner Robins Coffee by Waypoint Coffee Roasters

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