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Peppered Pork and Asparagus - This recipe is based on my family's favorite peppered pork skewers - no skewers here, but all the great flavor from rice vinegar, fresh ginger, cracked peppercorns and soy sauce - then tossed with fresh asparagus!

Family Size (serves 4-6):

9x13 entree and full serving of both sides;

Half Size (serves 2-3):

9" circle entree and a half portion of both sides.

(Refrigerated: Bakes in approx 20 minutes)


Side 1 - Garlic Sesame Noodles - Fresh lo mein noodles tossed in a savory Asian Sauce served with a touch of brown sugar for sweetness.


Side 2 - Cabbage stir fry- steamed cabbage and carrot drizzled with chili oil and soy sauce.

Peppered Pork Dinner

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